With the onset of advanced age, dementia or other illness, those we care for may become unable to care for themselves. In these challenging circumstances, caretakers for ailing family members have an important function in the often-complex and sensitive family dynamic of caring for an affected family member.

If the individual has not executed a Power of Attorney and Advance Medical Directive, the last resort available to ensure that the individual has good financial, health, social, and quality-of-life decisions, made on their behalf is to petition for a Guardianship.

Guardians of the Person make the day-to-day decisions regarding care and quality of life, personal health and safety, medical treatment and plan of care as well as residential and living arrangements.

Guardians of the Estate maintain property and possessions, financial concerns such as bill paying, as well as the safeguarding and maintenance of all assets.

Once appointed as a Guardian of the Estate, the practiced legal team at Kirk Palmer & Thigpen can assist you with administering the estate of the guardianship.